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Marine Aquarium

People from all over the world travel to Goa to see Sun, Sand, Sea, Temples and Churches.

Along with these wonderful things, Now, ther’s one place which has gained popularity in Goa is Abyss-the underworld.

Abyss is located at national highway Verna-Goa. This is 18 kms. From Panajim, 10 kms from Margao, 9 kms from Vasco & 12 kms from Ponda. At Abyss, you will find wide range of attractive Marine Live Fish and traditional activities of Goan Fishermen families in statue format.

This place is the first of it’s kind in Goa. There are some 60 different variety of fish at Abyss. Carefully preserved and kept in impressive aqurium in a lively ambience.

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You can watch attractive, unique, harmful and sophisticated fish which moves in closed aquariums and at the same time you can play, catch & have fun with the 100% safe fish which is kept in open aquariums.

Over the years we’ve been looking at fish and marine life from different approach. But after visiting Abyss one can understand how colourful, active & interesting world of marine life is all about.

Abyss has succcessfully tried to execute Marine Life in the bestt, visitors around the globe can have real fun out of it.

Lobsters, Starfish, Parrot fish, Cat fish, Lion fish, Sea Cucumber, Finger Star fish and many more beautiful varieties you get to see here. Fish displayed here, have been coastal Arabian sea. Lakshadweep islands, Indonesia, Australia, Japan, China and Pakistan. Marine life scientific equipment imported from world market.